Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ridiculous, I know.

Hello to those of you who are still around and checking this business of the blog.
I feel that since it's vacation, I'm just taking a vacation from everything that I formerly knew as "my life."
Nothing is normal around here.
My life consists of school, church stuff, and well, okay, that's about it!

With school on holidays,
And church activities on holidays,
And weddings to attend,
And sleeping in to be done
And painting
And cleaning
And much reading - of the Harry Potter variety and otherwise
I feel as though my world is not really mine
And yet totally mine all at the same time.

This concept of doing my thing
on my time
or not doing it
is kind of foreign to me
and the truth is that I kind of stink at it.
Not at it, per-se (sp?)
But at being a good friend
and remembering that the world does not revolve around me
although it's kind of fun when it does
for just a little while.

What's new and exciting?
I have a new hood on my car.
I saw Nate, Shawna, and Kaase last weekend.
I spent the week before that with Skips
and Bennett
and Brian and Shara and Larissa and Dave.
It's good.
And I got to play some ultimate.
And I started painting the trim on my house
and I bought stuff to do yard work - although it's too crazy hot to actually do the yard work
And, very exciting, I am going to go on an insulin pump.
That's craziness.
But very good, I think.
It's all happening a lot quicker than I had planned for.
But what do I know.
My plans never seem to be the same as the way things actually turn out.
And most of the time I'm okay with that.
Or learning to be okay with that anyway.

So, for those of you who are as "very excited" as I am, you can check out and see the cool one that also tests your blood sugar every 5 minutes. Yup. You heard it here. I am actually excited about testing blood sugar. Stranger things may not have happened. :)

This is the new pump and blood testing sensor thing - only that's the old/big glucose sensor and transmitter. The new set, which is the size of a stack of 4 quarters is pictured below:

That's all for now.
I'll be back sooner.